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Three Things to do during virus time:

1. Listen to a performance from our archive:

Beethoven Mass in C and Brahms Song of Fate

April 9, 1990

Mary Jones, Soprano; Elizabeth Schnitzspahn, Mezzo; David Kesler, Tenor; L, Dean Rummery, Bass.

2. Interval Drill

Print out or use on your device click here

Directions: Each line on the chart starts and ends on "do"....sing line one using any comfortable note for "do" can use an octave higher or lower for any note....for example in line 1 you could sing D M S M L (and on La you could choose to go up from Mi or down to the La below Do)....this gives you endless possibilities with each of the 18 lines.  Always keep "Do" in mind and sing it if necessary after any note, before going on.  Increase your speed. Do a line each time a commercial comes on.


3. On line sight singing exercises which you can adjust to your level of skill....

Go to:  just press "try for free" Follow the steps and customize for your level of ability.


Hear the Rotterdam Philharmonic play part of the Beethoven 9th from their homes:

Thanks Joan Schwertle for the Rotterdam link.