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Next Rehearsal – 9/25

Rehearsal order:

Ain’t-a that good news

Bogoroditse Devo (see video for pronunciation)

Loch Lomand (see notes below)



Wake Awake

Ezekiel (make sure you have the insert)

Light of a clear

And then shall

Beautiful Savior

Please put these notes for Loch Lomond in your music:

WSC.Notes on Loch Lomond2018



Get these dates on your calendar for the 2018-19 season

October 27 (Saturday 9:30 AM – Rehearsal at RRUM)

October 28 – Hymns, Folk Songs, Spirituals and More

at Rocky River United Methodist Church 4 PM (Gifts of Music concert series)

December 1 (Saturday 9:30 AM – Rehearsal at Magnificat)

December 2 – Carols and Choruses of Christmas

at Magnificat Performing Arts – 7:30 PM

February 26 (Tuesday 7:30 at Rehearsal at St. John’s)

March 1 – Helen Schubert Concert Series at

St. John The Evangelist, Cleveland, Ohio

Mozart, Conte, and Bernstein  7:30 PM

April 27 (Saturday 9:30 AM – Rehearsal at Magnificat)

April 28 – Messiah (Parts 2 and 3)

at Magnificat Performing Arts 7:30 PM


Bogorodiste Devo – get pronunciation here:


Print the following and bring it to rehearsal:

page 14 Ezekiel copy


A Little Scottish humor from Eric (listen to the accent)



Go to YouTube and search for “Uncloudy Day – Conspiare”

Watch this video to see the expressions on the faces of the singers.

Can we look like this when we sing?