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Rehearsal order – 4/28/18 – 9:30 AM

Orchestra|Chorus Rehearsal

Mozart – Malloy



Seating for concert:concert seating



 Dewdrops text:dewdrops text pdf

Here’s that 5/4 rhythm at measure 186:

Notes on Dewdrops written by Dave Malloy:Dewdrops notes PDF


 Mozart translation: mozart translation


Mozart notes written by Judy S. Drotleff:mozart notes 1 and 2 copy

mozart notes 3


Cues for the concert – put in your scores:Cues


Bring a lunch to rehearsal on Saturday, April 28 – WSC will provide beverages….Tables and Chairs in the cafeteria will be available…we will have about 1/2 hour between the end of rehearsal and the beginning of Dave Malloy’s Q and A.


For those of you who remember Evan Kelly:  He is graduating from Westminster Choir College after 4 years with both a Bachelors and Masters degree and hopes to teach choral music.

Here is a copy of his senior voice recital:Kelly.PoetnameRecitalProgram.Final

and a link to the video:  Evans Recital.mp4


Article from Classical Cleveland:cleveland classical article