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Rehearsal order (Nov 28) Last rehearsal

Seating for this coming Tuesday – Mixed Positions:mixed Christmas 2017 PDF

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There is a mistake in the bass part of “And He shall purify” – Measure 30 – the second note should be an octave higher.


Rehearsal order will be the same as the concert order:

Part One (applause only at the end of each part)

O come o come

Let all the world  (+bells)

Part two  

Christmas Intrada

And He shall purify  (+strings)

O magnum mysterium

Sing we now of Christmas (+ bells)

Part three  

There shall a star  (+strings)

Tomorrow shall be my dancing day

Veni Jesu  (+strings)


Joy to the world (with audience, bells, strings)

Good King Wenceslas (strings only)

Part four

Prayer (bells only)

Ding dong merrily on high (bells only)

Part five

Before the Marvel  (+strings)

A La Nanita

Every Valley  (+strings)

Let all mortal flesh (+strings and bells)


Auditions are December 19.  All information is on this site…If you know someone who would enjoy the West Shore Chorale “Experience,” contact them.  Personal contacts always yield the best results.


PLAN NOW – to attend: The Westminster Choir (from Westminster Choir College, Princeton NJ) in concert January 6 at Church of the Covenant.  Part of the program will be a new piece by Tim Brent (Lakewood HS ’93).  Tim wrote a piece for the WSC a few years ago.


Choral singing and mindfulness:


O Magnum Mysterium – Altos and Tenors

Redistribution of parts mm 45-54

O Magnum


Here is a clean copy of “And He shall purify” print it out if you are able.  There will also be a few copies printed for people without a good printer. Click here:Ws-han-me6c


Corrections to A La Nanita Nana – Thank you Lorraine Riebel

M 14      bendita   Change to bendito.  Needs to agree with the repeated phrase in
                                                                    M15 and agree with the gender of the baby
                                                                  (Tr.  may He be blessed)
M 22     bendita     Same change as M 14.
M 22      sea           Change to sueño .    Same text as M 13-16         Spanish ñ sound                                                                        is close  to Italian  gn as in lasagna                                                                                           
M 26      cantas       Change to canta.     Verb needs to agree with  subject ,
                                   (Tr.   Little turtle dove that sings among the leafy branches)
M 30      corres       Change to corre.      Again, verb needs to agree with subject,
                                   (Tr.    Little murmuring   fountain that flows )
M 33     calad          Change  to callad.      misspelling